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Monday, February 18, 2008

Search the source of SQL Server views and stored procedures

Ever have to work on a database with a large number of views and you needed to search the content of the objects? Well, here's a query which will allow you to search inside your view objects:

DECLARE @search VARCHAR(1000)
SET @search = '[text]'

SELECT c.[Text]
FROM dbo.sysobjects AS v
INNER JOIN dbo.syscomments c ON =
AND CASE WHEN c.Number > 1 THEN c.Number
ELSE 0 END = 0
WHERE v.type = 'V' AND c.[Text] LIKE '%' + @search + '%'

Just set the value of @search to the value you'd like to find.

This was very useful to me as I was trying to muddle through an application which used a lot of nested views and I needed to determine which views referenced the view I was working on.

As a bonus (and of course for my own benefit) here's a method to search the source of stored procedures:


SET @find = '{search text here}'

ISNULL(smsp.definition, ssmsp.definition) AS [Definition]
sys.all_objects AS sp
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.sql_modules AS smsp ON smsp.object_id = sp.object_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.system_sql_modules AS ssmsp ON ssmsp.object_id = sp.object_id
(sp.type = N'P' OR sp.type = N'RF' OR sp.type='PC')
AND ISNULL(smsp.definition, ssmsp.definition) LIKE '%' + @find + '%'

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